Where do we go from?

Fishing charters with Kiama Charter Service leave from Kiama Harbour at the eastern end of Terralong Street, Kiama. See directions or map.

Parking is available near Kostalota at 90degress to the low stone retaining wall.


When are trips available?

Provided we have our minimum numbers or equivalent dollars, fishing charters are available 7 days a week. Not Christmas Day or New Years Day. Minimum for Reef fishing is 4 or equivalent dollars ($560 until Dec19)   If no one has already started a group you must have 4 people to make a reservation. WE MAY HAVE OTHERS INTERESTED IN HOLIDAY TIME SO RING TO CHECK.


How far do you go out?

It depends on the type of fishing, the conditions on the day, where the fish have been biting & the capability of the anglers. Reef fishing is within 15km of Kiama Harbour & in depths of up to 140m.

Deep Sea fishing is at the continental shelf 30km offshore & in 400m deep water.

Yes you can still see land!


Do you take children?

We do, however we don’t recommend children under 10 years of age. It can be a long day (8hrs)& the water is quite deep off Kiama so it can be hard work winding in the lines. If you book the whole boat for your own group, then we may be able to tailor the trip to suit young ones or take them back to shore without affecting other people aboard. The price is the same for children & adults.


Will we catch fish?

No guarantees but we do try very hard to take you to where the fish should be, show you how to fish for them & then it’s up to you… A very rough average is a couple of quality fish and some other miscellaneous species for each angler.


Will I catch a big fish?

“Big” is a matter of perspective. There are big fish out there but being on a boat offshore, doesn’t necessarily mean you will catch them. Most people are happy with what they get, big or otherwise. Plate size fish are usually tastier.


How many people do we need?

Reef fishing: Minimum 4 maximum 10. Small groups can be combined but cannot be confirmed unless you have 4 to start. If you are prepared to pay for 4 we can take your booking. If others enquire to make more than 4 then you need only pay $140 per person. Valid til December 1, 2019

See our recommendations for charters aboard Kostalota for some tips to help you have a great day fishing.

Deep Sea fishing: Boat booking only so, no minimum. Recommend no more than 6-7.

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